Charging worries You ? So check out the best Bitpro Wyzer Neckband

Charging worries You ? So check out the best Bitpro Wyzer Neckband


Rave with Your Favorite Music Plugging into Bitpro Wyzer Bluetooth neckband :

Rock on your mood with the Bitpro Wyzer Bluetooth neckband! This exclusive and latest collection of neckbands drives you to the ultimate destination of peace when you plug it in. Get relief from the outsider noise and crowd by flowing through the waves of music.

It’s top fashionable and also keeps your fashion tickety-boo. It gets used to any dress or attire; gives you an elite look after orating it around your neck. This is portable and light-weighted, making you feel like you’ve worn nothing. There’s no worry about tearing off its wires; however, you wear this inside the crowded train, bus or metro. Get disconnected from the world and connect this neckband to make a good vibe by listening to your favorite music or talking with your favorite person via calling. 

The Top Benefits of Bitpro Wyzer Neckband :

The top and most notable benefits of Bitpro Wyzer Neckbands are as follows:

150 Hours of Non-stop Music without Interruption :

It can entertain you for 150 hours with non-stop music without any interruption. On the other hand, its battery life is about 120 hours for non-stop calling. The battery life is extended for 1080 hours as standby time. 

Pure, Noise-free & Crystal Clear Sound :

No question arises about the sound quality of this neckband. It will keep the outsider noise away and give you a relish of the heavenly pleasure of music. Enjoy extremely noise-free and crystal-clear sound after plugging it in. So, you can attend your calls and listen to your favorite music in the busiest ambience without any hassle or interruption.

Extremely Low Latency:

Fair sound quality relies on the low latency of music. Latency is all about the time of arriving signal to the sound system. This neckband has extremely low latency (80 MS), which implies cutting-edge sound quality. That’s great for any sensitive gameplay.

More Listening but Less Charging Time :

Now you don’t have to wait for much time until it’s fully charged up. Because it requires less charging time to make, you enjoy your music for a long time. For instance, 10 minutes of charging time ensures 20 hours of non-stop song play. 

Features of Bitpro Wyzer Neckband:

The main features of this brand-new neckband are given below:

Magnetic earbuds

Connecting dual devices at a time.

Easy to control with volume up & down and play button.

Good IP rating (IP*5), waterproof, dustproof.

Compatible to be connected with both Android and IOS

Have a high-quality sound experience after shopping for this neckband, assuring you that not a single penny of yours will be in vain.  

Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Warranty 7 Days Replacement
Warranty Free Shipping
Warranty Secure Checkout